Holidays, batteries and rechargeable

We are finally realizing as a society there are ways we can make a difference in saving our planet. Realizing that we are not living on a planet that has a constant refillable source of resources we are coming up with many different resources to help lower pollution, cut down on waste and recycling to reduce the loads on our landfills. There are so many items that use batteries. Batteries are one area that we can make a difference in by using lithium rechargeable batteries. By recharging our batteries we will be making a smaller footprint on the earth so generations after us will be able to have the same resources we have today.

Cymax: Internet retailer

It is interesting to read about the details of the many companies that we do business with. Companies such as Cymax which is an ecommerce retailer have an interesting story behind them leading to their success. Cymax has been in business since 2004. Although they began as an audio and furniture retailer they soon broadened their spectrum to include over 100 specialty stores. This put Cymax on the fast track to becoming one of the world’s Top 500 online businesses in 2010. In that short time frame Cymax had broke the $100 million mark in sales. They sell new merchandise and stand behind their products which is how they built a reputation for a customer friendly ecommerce retailer.

Happy Black Friday

Black Friday a crazy day of shopping and getting bargain deals. Standing in front of a BestBuy for 2 hours just to buy something gets crazy especially when it is cold out. The time spent was fun, Should have bought online and slept the rest. We did get the games we wanted and at the right price.

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eCommerce stores such as Cymax

When we think about shopping for many of us we think online. The long lines and the small selections that we find in our local venues are not appealing to the shoppers that want more. That is why online eCommerce stores such as Cymax have grown so quickly. From 2004 to 2010 this company has advanced to one of the world’s Top 500 online businesses. This is a good indication of how shoppers are enjoying the shopping world of eCommerce. This company satisfies the online shopper by giving them customer service and a large selection of varied products. This is exactly what online shoppers are looking for. Cymax has more then 100 specialty online stores for customers to shop from and that is why we hear so much about them in the eCommerce world.

Business, budgets and checks

Like all companies these days our office is running on a budget. That is one positive side to the economy that we are all operating under at this time. Because of the need to stay on budget many companies are eliminating waste in product and spending. Our office is no different. When we realized how much we had been wasting we changed our practices. In our supplies we have found ways to save. Our office uses a lot of Business checks. The checks we were using became more expensive which led us to looking around for other sources. We of course turned to the internet where the world is our shopping cart. We found that we could actually get cheaper business checks by ordering them online which will save us a lot of cost. That is working within a company budget by getting the most for every dollar without sacrificing what we need.

Holidays, gifts and tactical watches

The holidays are right around the corner and that means we have to think of the perfect gift for all of our family and friends. For us some of them are easier then others. I have always loved watches. When I went online and found for Luminox navy seal watches I knew that what we found on that website would either be on my gift list of someone else because I enjoy buying watches so much for our family and friends.

RFID, wallets and blocking

It is amazing the lengths that some people will go to trying to steal from others. The fact is honest people have to be one step ahead of them to hold onto the things we have. That is what having rfid blocking wallets is all about. When I read how some thieves are scanning things in wallets without us being aware of it I was shocked. Of course then I read how to stop that from happening with these special wallets that block scanners and suddenly I felt much better. We have to stay proactive with our personal security so no one can take the things that we work so hard for.

The Singapore Mission was a success!

The Singapore Mission was a success! Henry Golding and Irene Ang managed to sell 10,542 food hampers for the needy elderly. With a combined effort of charm, great selling skills and a whole lot of hard work, they were able to prove that Singaporeans have really big hearts.

Singapore has one of the fastest growing elderly populations in the world. Today, there are about 35,000 needy elderly in the country, many of who are left to provide for themselves. the most needy of this group live off as little as $300 a month, money that is barely enough for their food and basic necessities.

The mission: Pack and sell 5000 food hampers for the needy elderly.

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